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Advanced PDF Forms – The Affordable Catalyst To Real Workflow Change

Advanced PDF Forms – The Affordable Catalyst to Real Workflow Change

Advanced PDF Forms are the best solution when it comes to companies seeking real CHANGE from their reliance on paper and dated manual processes to embrace affordable workflow automation. But, it’s important to remember that not all Forms are the same, nor are their providers.

The Treadmill Solution

Change is a difficult construct for people to get their arms around. Yes, we all talk about it and swear we are going to change ourselves for the better in some way. Just think about New Year’s, when we make our annual list of resolutions and convince ourselves that this year will be the time we really change – we are going to stop overspending, start saving, quit smoking, hit the gym so we can fit back into those skinny jeans again.

Hate to break it to you, but change is not about joining a health club and dropping 10, 20, 30 pounds, and more. While dropping the weight is certainly good and healthy for a person physically and psychologically,  the treadmill won’t bring about real, lasting change. As we’ve all learned, the weight will come back once you stop logging the miles.

No matter its form, or the reasoning for wanting it, change only comes about when you start focusing on, and doing something about, the real issues underlying the problems in life that you seek to address.

If It Ain’t Broke

Another truth that makes change tough is the innate belief most of us carry around, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In other words, most of us hold on to our bad habits to the bitter end, often denying we have a problem until it seriously impacts our lives. We literally have to hit rock bottom before we will recognize change is needed, and necessary, in order to move forward in life in a healthy manner.

Given that companies are made up of people, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that they can be pretty terrible when it comes to dealing with problems and taking steps to bring about real change. And that’s understandable, given that they have to produce or deliver their goods and services each day to remain viable – they can’t simply stop their work to identify and solve their problems.

For companies small and large alike, maintaining the status quo and not disrupting the apple cart is the norm, right up until the time that the pain becomes too unbearable to deal with. Costs get out of hand, margins get pinched, productivity suffers, they stop innovating and lose their competitive position in the market…

Too Much Change

Generally, at that point, they start window dressing the problems by cobbling together makeshift fixes. Or worse, decide to chuck baby and bath water by instituting wholesale change brought about by the application of expensive solutions that often cause more harm than good. The “throw lots of money at it” approach, that rarely brings about intended change and often brings with it a slew of new problems.

Think this doesn’t really happen in the business world ? Remember Coke, New Coke, and Coca Cola Classic? That sad saga played out from the mid-80s through 2002. It all started because the beverage producer had been losing market share for years to Pepsi. A very expensive lesson in change management.

Breaking the Catch-22

Which brings us to the notion that good change tends to be measured and incremental in the business world, just as within life. We’ve talked often of the paper problem that lies at the heart of most businesses – e.g.- their continued reliance on paper-based documentation forces them into a catch-22 scenario in which they can’t break from costly, time-consuming manual workflow processes.

In the end, the problem can only be addressed by ridding their reliance on paper, which in turn allows them to automate their manual processes. Sounds simple enough. But in truth, that’s proved to be a tough proposition, which is why the vast majority have failed to address the problem.

Most companies continue to inaccurately believe that to address the problem, they must implement wholescale change using expensive automation solutions that are devised primarily for large enterprise-type organizations.

Fact is, the incremental approach of transforming workflow processes through the introduction of electronic forms to replace their paper-based documents is the best, most affordable solution. In so doing, companies are able to break through the catch-22, and in turn begin to automate their costly, outdated manual processes.

Advanced PDF Forms – The Affordable Solution

While there are myriad types of electronic forms now available in the market, many are anything but affordable. The majority are subscription-based, which increases their costs over time – the provider requires an ongoing monthly fee to build and host the company’s forms. And companies who utilize such services often fail to recognize their risk in so doing, such as losing access to their own critical forms in any sort of dispute, or in the event their provider incurs operational problems or business issues of their own.

Moreover, most electronic forms tend to be rigid, forcing companies to conform their operations around the solution, versus being easily adaptable and implementable into an organization’s existing workflow setup.

They utilize cookie-cutter templates that are confining in terms of formatting, branding ability, input flexibility (type of information that can be inputted), and even the scripting that can be imbedded to guide users through the entry and submission process.

Advanced PDF Forms are different, given they are built from the ground up, allowing them to be completely customizable for any setting or situation. As such, they are hands-down the best, most affordable solution capable of bringing about transformative change in an organization – one that allows them to cost-effectively break the catch-22 reliance on paper and costly manual processes.

Choosing a Provider – Not All the Same

That said, it’s important to recognize that not all Advanced PDF Form solution providers are the same. When searching for a provider capable of delivering the most cost-efficient, best-in-class Advanced PDF Forms solutions, it’s important to look for these key features:

  • Branding – professionally branded Advanced PDF Forms that meet a company’s marketing needs and standards
  • Customization – complete form customization, from A to Z. PDF automation is an entailed process utilizing PDF automation scripts and other advanced forms of software coding – most companies lack the knowledge and experience to properly build the forms. All Forms should be pre-programmed and customized from the ground up, ensuring they conform to the flexible workflow specifications of the business. This includes expert form design, specialized form automation and custom data merging. And they should offer important user input features, such as dropdown menus, checkboxes, text-boxes, and more
  • Integrated Logic Transitions – an important feature that helps guide users through a form automatically. This provides enhanced data validation and reduces document-processing errors
  • Use Anywhere – the forms should be assessable for utilization anywhere, facilitating the capture and transmittal of accurate and consistent business data securely across any OS, and in an office or mobile environment
  • Compatible – Advanced PDF Forms should be fully-compatible with a company’s existing web hosting and electronic document-signing service providers
  • One-time Fee – the forms should be created and delivered for an affordable one-time fee, eliminating the costs, hassles and risk of ongoing subscription fees and hosting contracts. Once purchased, a company can do as they please with each Advanced PDF Form


Contact us today to learn more about how our fully-customizable Advanced PDF Form solutions can help you inexpensively break the reliance on paper-based documents, automate your processes, drive down costs and improve your bottom line.

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