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Advanced PDF Forms And Trends To Watch For In 2019 And Beyond

Advanced PDF Forms and Trends to Watch for in 2019 and Beyond

Advanced PDF Forms are in high demand as more companies have come to realize they offer one of the most affordable, cost-effective means for automating costly manual processes and reducing their reliance on paper-based documents.

Looking ahead to 2019, that demand will increase, given the trends we see in key areas of document management, workflow processing, business process application (BPA), and the accelerating push on the part of businesses to automate and go paperless.

The following is a list of 5 key trends to watch out for in 2019 that will influence workflow in the workplace:

Digitizing Paper Processes

We’ve discussed it many times and provided all kinds of statistics on the issue of our paper problem, so it should come as no surprise that once again, businesses and prognosticators alike are listing the reliance on paper-based documents and related processes as a major concern they want to find solutions for.

And with good cause, given there are estimates that just 41-percent of businesses have a digital process in place for their documents. Consider that more than 800 billion paper-based documents are produced annually, at a cost exceeding a trillion dollars. Enough said.

Without doubt, the size and seriousness of this problem and its impact on American businesses can’t be overstated. Companies, small and large, are starting to get really serious about document management and ending their reliance on paper-based documents and processes. It’s a sure bet this trend will proliferate in 2019 and beyond.


Data has been referred to as the “new oil” in business. No doubt it is one of most precious resources a company can possess, able to provide crucial information that can deliver a competitive advantage, predict trends and maximize opportunities for those organizations that can collect, analze and refine it into actionable intelligence.

For those benefits to become a reality, companies need to be able to easily and reliable collect the data, which ultimately means changing the way the vast majority of organizations do business.

Automation, such as the implementation of electronic forms that eliminate the need for error-prone processes (e.g.- manual data entry and printing/filling/retrieving paper-based documents), must happen if a business it to succeed in terms of leveraging its data.

You can expect the trend toward capturing, assimilating and refining one of their most valuable assets to continue and accelerate within American businesses for many years to come.


The ability to perform work in any setting and at any time is a huge benefit to employees and their companies. Organizations that enable mobility have a huge advantage, able to provide their employees empowering technology allowing for things like video conferencing and approvals to real-time collaboration and the ability to access documents on the go.

The problem for most companies has been the cost and time to delivery for apps capable of providing such benefits. In the alternative, businesses are seeking more cost-efficient tools that can quickly deliver at least some of the potential benefits offered by full-scale mobility solutions.

Advanced PDF Forms are an example of this type of solution. They offer mobility functionality, such as the ability to be accessed remotely and real-time collaboration by multiple users, to name a couple, but they come at a fraction of the price.

Going forward, you can expect companies to more aggressively pursue solutions of this nature, as they seek to introduce more robust mobility functionality into their everyday workflow systems and processes.

Customizable and Flexible

Ever-changing markets, diminishing product lifecycles, emerging technologies, increasingly demanding fickle customers, and many other factors are forcing companies to become more agile and adaptable in the way they do business.

As a result, organizations spanning every industry are now faced with the new reality that their needs no longer stay fixed over relatively-long time horizons,  – they now tend to shift and evolve over much shorter time periods.

Moreover, they’re finding that off-the-shelf templatized or cookie-cutter solutions can no longer be utilized to address those shifting needs.

Demand for fully-customized, flexible solutions will proliferate into the future. Companies will insist on solutions that can quickly scale and be easily upgraded or adapted to the shifting priorities and emerging needs of the organization.

Fully-customizable Advanced PDF Forms are an example of just such a solution. They can be designed to meet any specifications and are programable, allowing them to be updated, modified or edited at any time to meet the changing needs of the customer.

Simple and User Friendly

In the past, companies adopted technology spanning the gamut to address perceived needs within their organization. Often, their key considerations focused on the benefits to be derived from such technology, but beyond costs, they failed to adequately consider the inevitable strains on their workflow systems and IT.

That’s changing and will continue in 2019, and beyond. Businesses are increasingly seeking out intuitive solutions that can be modified or edited by their non-technical personnel to easily build and update processes. Nowadays, they’re much less interested in technology that requires advanced coding and the involvement of their over-burdened IT departments.

Once again, fully-customizable Advanced PDF Forms are an example of just such a solution. They can be designed to meet any specifications, for use in any setting, and are programmable, allowing them to be updated, modified or edited at any time to meet the changing needs of the customer.

Advanced PDF Forms

The aforementioned trends, along with the overall accelerating shift to embrace automation on the part of an ever-expanding portion of U.S. companies, will drive business innovation in the coming year.

Advanced PDF Forms address many of the issues underlying those trends. And they are uniquely positioned as an affordable solution for companies seeking cost-effective automation capable of successfully addressing their document management needs.

Bottom line, Advanced PDF Forms are the affordable, flexible, automation solution. They can be quickly delivered, easily implemented, and provide unmatched ROI. And they enable companies to eliminate their reliance on paper-based documents, drive down costs, improve productivity and increase their bottom line. Safe to say those are benefits many companies will continue to seek out in 2019, and beyond.

Contact us today to learn more about how our fully-customizable Advanced PDF Form solutions can help you inexpensively break the reliance on paper-based documents and use less paper. They’ll help you automate your processes, drive down costs and improve your bottom line.

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