Top Apps to Help Your Business Go Paperless

There are a lot of ways to take your office or business paperless – because there’s really no specific single solution.  Because each business operates differently, implementing custom solutions along with apps and other software is one of the best routes to take.  Here are some of the most popular apps, compatible even with mobile technology like smartphones and tablets, to help you make the change into a revenue-saving paperless environment.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a completely free service that lets you go paperless through the creation of shareable documents including spreadsheets and images.  Not only does this cut down on the paper involved in printing and sharing documents but you’ll save time by skipping the upload, emailing and downloading of files every time changes are made within the team.

The service is also fully dynamic so you can collaborate with members of your team in real time, providing the option to compare version and revert back to previous versions at any time.


This mobile app is easy to use and lets you skip the fax machine – particularly handy if you’re away from the office and need to get a critical item back to the home office or to a client without spending time hunting down a fax machine.  This app lets you snap a photo of the document you need to fax, then the message is sent to the designated fax machine.


If work space is taken up by magazines, trade journals and circulars then this is a great app to help you clear the clutter and get more organized.

Pocket is an app that lets you save virtual newspaper clippings and articles for offline reading at a later time. Stock up on your favorite web pages and magazine articles before leaving on a long road trip, boarding the plane, or heading to a remote location without WiFi.


Evernote touts the line “all your notes, ideas, images and tasks in one place”.  It’s a great answer for those seeing a comprehensive app to help with productivity and organization in and outside of the workplace.  Free, intuitive, and robust, it offers everything you need to live a digital, paper-free life. With this powerful app, you can store documents, photos, notes, bills, receipts, almost anything you can think of, and easily find it again when you need it. You can import large files like manuals or warrantees, snap pictures of notes you jotted down in your notebook or on a napkin, and save virtually any paper document as an electronic one.


Are you planning an event for your business or organization? Eventbrite lets you take ticketing to the next (green) level. Go paperless with mobile payment options, electronic tickets, and completely digital attendee check-in lists.

You can even take paperless payments at the door before sending your customer an eReceipt. Imagine thousands of people attending your event without having to deal with a single scrap of paper – better yet imagine all the money you’ll save by not having to pay for ticket design and printing or reminders.


Remember how much paper the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments used to generate?

Xero helps you go paperless with cloud-based accounting software that does the work for you.

Synch all of your business bank accounts, share info with your accountant, accept payments from clients and customers, create and send invoices, and get a comprehensive snapshot of the financial health of your small business.

And don’t forget to tie your paperless environment together by creating dynamic PDF forms that your team can use to speed up communication and document handling.


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