The Power of a Paperless Office

OfficeLooking for a way to add some horsepower to your office? How about starting by getting rid of all that dead weight you are carrying around. Nothing can bog down the workflow of an office like having to deal with paper. In the digital age we should no longer be bound by printouts, filing cabinets and banker’s boxes. Here are some of the solutions that Absolutely Paperless can provide so that you can amp up the power of your office by getting rid of the paper!

Get Rid of those Ink Stamps

Are you in an industry that requires that documents be stamped to be validated? Are you still printing, stamping and filing your documents? It is time to get out from under that paper and harness the power of dynamic PDF stamps.

PDF stamps are designed to do the exact same thing a rubber and ink stamp does on a document, except they do it electronically. Electronic stamps can be designed for any branding or any activity that you might need them for. Examples include:

  • Engineering
  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Contractor
  • Business
  • Attorney
  • Inspector
  • Banking
  • Medical

These are only a few of the electronic stamps that you can have designed.

Stamping electronically eliminates the need to print out your documents, stamp them and then file them. IT can also increase time finding documents because instead of going through filing cabinets you can search for them in a document database. This increases both the security of the document as well as decreasing the likelihood of the document being lost in the future. PDF stamps are a great way to leverage the power of going paperless in your office.

PDF Forms

Are forms causing a bottleneck in your workflow? It is amazing how much total time a paper form can take to see through to completion. That doesn’t even include the time that could be added to the process if the form is not filled out properly. If you are dealing with customers in remote locations or that are difficult to reach, using paper forms can lead to massive delays in getting work processed and completed. That is why we offer a full suite of customizable PDF forms.

Instead of sending printouts to be filled in with pens (and possibly be entered in wrong if there are handwriting issues) you can send your customized PDF forms over email. Whether you are having customers fill out information for a job quote or applicants fill out forms for employment, their responses can be captured and then emailed back to you upon completion. Your forms can even be electronically signed by the people filing them out!

PDF forms are also great because they can adapt to the answers to certain questions. Whole portions of the form can be invisible or locked out to the user unless they need to be answered. This saves both filling out and processing time.

Take a look at the tools that Absolutely Paperless offers to your office. Maybe you can make the jump and go fully paperless!

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