The Paperless Office is Today’s New Steamroller

In some ways, business is quite complicated. In other ways, it is incredibly simple. In fact, one of the main cornerstones of doing business successfully over a long period of time can be summed up in just three words –

Adapt, or die.

Yes, it really is that simple. Organizations who refuse to adapt to changing markets, changing prices, changing technologies, or anything else, will simply be pushed out of business. If a given business is too stubborn, or too short-sighted, to make the necessary changes in a timely manner, they will lose out to the competition that has kept up with the times.

The paperless office is the latest adaptation that businesses need to make. Going paperless is no longer an optional decision that is reserved only for businesses who are focused on being eco-friendly. Sure, it is great to see the environmental benefits of running an all-electronic office, but this is about more than that – it’s about money.

At the end of the day, money is the only thing that matters in business. Think about all the ways that using paper costs your business money – the paper itself, ink, printers, maintenance, man hours running print jobs, and on and on. It truly is staggering when you start to think about the amount of money that can be consumed simply by printing-related costs. What would your bottom line look like if you could erase all of those expenses? Well, thanks to the power of technology, now you can.

Two-Headed Monster

For most businesses, there are two sides to the printing monster – marketing materials, and paperwork. Marketing materials include mailers, promotional handouts, fliers, etc. Paperwork often means invoices that are mailed to customers, agreements that get signed, notices to employees, and more. When the printing requirements of both marketing and general paperwork are both met, they start to take a large toll on the bottom line.

Digital Marketing is the Future

Not only will you save money by not using printed documents for marketing purposes, but you will also be able to spend more time and resources on more-effective marketing channels. Using social media is an increasingly popular and successful way to promote your business, through services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. People no longer want to receive things in the physical mail – and will probably just toss out whatever you send them. However, if you can connect on Facebook or Twitter and present them with interesting offers or promotions, you are more likely to get a positive response. There is no doubt that digital marketing is the way of the future, so the faster you can make this transition, the better it will be for your business.

Digital Forms, Digital Signatures, and More

On the other half of the equation, digital forms have advanced to a stage where it is hard to understand the need for actual paper documents at this point. Technologies introduced by Adobe such as Acrobat and Echosign have made it quick and easy to complete business paperwork in a way that never needs to be printed. Getting documents signed efficiently was one of the last hurdles to a completely paperless office, but Adobe Echosign has made that worry a thing of the past. The flexibility and ease-of-use of this technology is truly incredible, and perfectly demonstrates why there is no longer a need to print documents in your office.

Even with all of the obvious benefits to switching to a paperless office, we understand that it can be an intimidating process to undertake. Contact Absolutely Paperless today to learn more about what we have to offer and how quickly you can be living a paper-free life!

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