The Paper Clipboard – Just an Antique Now

In days gone by, the clipboard was a staple of every office. In fact, most offices had piles of them at the ready for everything from job applications to contracts, quotes, and more. If you are a business owner and are currently sitting in your office, you could probably look around and find a clipboard within just a few seconds.

The clipboard served its purpose nicely – but those days are gone. Today, paper clipboards should be relegated to antique status, not used in the day to day operations of the modern business. With so many powerful technological tools available to be used, the clipboard is simply too expensive and inefficient to use.

The Hidden Costs

You might not feel like you are wasting money when you use a clipboard to hold a piece of paper and conduct business. After all, clipboards are only a few dollars and can last for years, how much could it really be costing your business? The answer is ‘more than you think’. When you start to look closer at all of the costs associated with using clipboards on a regular basis, you will quickly start to understand just how they can become a leak in your otherwise tightly-controlled budget.

Below are just a few ways that clipboards can cost you money, whether you realize it or not.

  • Buying the clipboards. Okay – so this isn’t a big drain on your budget, but it is money spent nonetheless. If you run a large business, especially a business that is labor intensive, you might find that you purchase quite a few clipboards throughout the year.
  • Printing the paper. This is where it really starts to get expensive. Having an empty clipboard doesn’t serve much purpose, so you will have to continually be printing documents such as job applications and quote forms that can be filled out. If you don’t think this is a serious expense, take a quick look at your last invoice for paper and ink or toner – it adds up quick.
  • Labor hours. Perhaps the ‘most-hidden’ cost related to clipboards is the labor hours that they can require to be dealt with. For example, imagine you post a couple jobs that you need to fill and have candidates come into the office to fill out a paper application. Each of those will then need to be reviewed by hand, either by you or another one of your employees. The information from candidates who you wish to interview will likely then need to be entered into your computer for future reference. By contrast, if the applicants filled out a form online, that information would already be digital and would require no further action by you or your team.

Let Go of the Past

Simple nostalgia is a common reason for things like clipboards to remain in use long after they should be been replaced by better technology. For the same reason that you won’t soon be trading in your car for a horse and buggy, you shouldn’t use a clipboard just because that is how you have always done it. The technology is not only available to complete forms and other documents digitally, it is also affordable and easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to operate a paperless office – you just have to have a desire to save your company money and move it into the future.

If you are ready to let go of the past and toss all of your old clipboards in the nearest dumpster, contact Absolutely Paperless today. We will be happy to work with you and your staff to develop a paperless plan that is easy to put into action and can save you money both in the short and long-term. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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