The Future of Paperless Offices

Eco TreeAre you working in a paperless office? If not, are you planning to head in that direction sometime in the near future? This is the trend that many companies seem to be following as of late. Some industry experts project that the number of businesses that are moving away from paper and converting their offices to be completely digital will only increase.

Why Paperless Offices are So Attractive

There has to be a reason for so many companies to be heading in this direction.  Many businesses are reporting that they have either already gone paperless or are planning on going completely paperless by the end of 2015. 

Of course, one of the main reasons is the environmental concern. Paper has an impact. The manufacturing of paper, the natural resources that must be consumed to use it and the waste that is generated from it being discarded have a massive impact on the environment. In this climate of sensitivity to what impact your business might have on nature, creating a completely paperless office just makes sense.

There are several other reasons for going paperless, ones that resonate with small businesses. There is a correlation between the increased usage of the cloud and offices that are paperless. These businesses are accustomed to having information on demand. This is just not possible with a paper office. Physical documents must be stored and retrieved. They must be taken to customer sites or picked up by mail. A paperless office frees you from these restrictions and allows businesses to fully leverage the cloud. This can be critical in time sensitive businesses and be the factor that gives one business an edge over the others.

Cost reduction is, of course, another major factor. Small and medium sized businesses just don’t have the margin that is required to cover the costs of paper. They can reduce costs by having a paperless office and utilize those resources for other uses that are more in line with their business. Handling paper also takes time away from workers who would be better off doing tasks directly related to the business at hand instead of filing.

An Increase in Available Tools

This paperless office revolution might also be inspired by the ever-increasing tools that are now available to small and medium sized businesses. In the past, it may have required a dedicated and expensive IT team to handle all of the necessary software and hardware. Those days are long gone. Now companies like Absolutely Paperless offer many different solutions for companies that want to go paperless. Customized PDF forms, PDF Stamps and PDF JavaScript development are some of the ways that Absolutely Paperless could help your company move away from the overhead that paper generates. Come check out what we have to offer you today!

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