Paperless Solutions for Small Businesses

DeskAre you looking to save money for your small business? What small business owner isn’t? Have you considered going to a paperless office? Paper reduces the already limited resources of a small business by creating expenses for things like paper and ink. It also taxes employees’ time away from what your business needs them to be doing. They spend time printing, filing and searching through file cabinets instead of getting tasks done that add revenue to your company. Here are some things that you need if you are going to consider going paperless in your office.

Get the Right Office Tools

Most major manufacturers of business tools now have cloud versions of their office suites that are available at reasonable prices for the small business. Cloud tools are much more efficient as they can save time and IT department resources by always being up to date. Cloud tools also make sharing documents and collaborating between employees much easier. Instead of printing out a document and having someone edit with red ink, the process can take place over a conference in real time. Cloud based services are a great way to begin down the path to the paperless office.

Electronic Payroll and Accounting Services

Paper comes in many forms, and checks are one of them. Paper checks are the traditional way to handle payroll and accounting, but the process is cumbersome and dated. Switching over to a fully paperless system will speed up processing and accounting tasks. IT will also eliminate the need for costly monthly printouts to balance the books. Everything will be available online and, if you choose, on the cloud, so that employees working from home or using flex time schedules can access the documents when and where they need to.

Choose a Cloud Provider

Your documents are going to need a place to live. Since they are no longer going to be taking up space in your office in filing cabinets, you are going to need a cloud service that can house them for you. A good cloud service will provide you maximum uptime and 24/7 access to all of your documents. Having a service house your documents also means that you no longer have to worry about backing them up on your own. Instead, that is handled for you by your cloud service. Make sure that the service that you pick has service levels and access levels that fit your business’s needs.

Stick to Electronic Receipts

If you are ordering online this isn’t an issue. Many brick and mortar stores still hand you pieces of paper at the end of your transaction. The good news is that many are starting to convert to emailed receipts which make the job of you trying to convert paper into documents much easier.

Check out the suite of software tools that Absolutely Paperless has to offer. Whether it is electronic stamps or custom PDF forms, we can help you with a wide variety of applications for your paperless office.

What does your small business need to go paperless?

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