Paper vs. Paperless Workflow

Paperless OfficeOn this blog, we talk a lot about how much better a paperless office is compared to a paper office. Have you ever sat down and done a direct comparison between the two? Let’s take a look at some common office tasks and see how the workflow differs between a paperless office and one that still uses paper and see which comes out on top.

Looking Up Archived Documents

Paper Office: In an office that keeps paper records, finding archived documents can be a challenge. First, the person doing the search will need to find the correct filing cabinet where the archived document is located. Then, depending on the filing system, the person searching will need to know some point of reference such as a date or a name related to the document. Finally, they will then need to search through the filing cabinets in order to find the correct document, assuming it was filed properly. If it was misfiled, then they may never be able to locate it.

Paperless Office: The person searching for the document will go to the interface for the online document archive. They will enter a keyword search and, even if they don’t know a specific date or name, they can get the return of all relevant documents that have the keywords they are looking for. They can then search through the documents that are returned to find the one or ones that might be relevant to the work that they are doing.

The process is much smoother for the paperless office, as in some cases a search through the archives may never return the proper document due to it being misfiled.

Storing Documents

Paper Office: Storing documents in a paper office requires a filing system. People who have experience in the best way to set up a filing system will need to have their focus be making sure that documents are put in large cabinets that will store the paper. They must be protected and climate controlled because paper archives are fragile and can easily be damaged. Over time, the filing system will need to expand to include all of the new paper, requiring more physical space in the office. This could mean moving to a larger office or having to fund an offsite archive for older documents.

Paperless Office: Storing documents electronically can be done a couple ways. The documents can be stored on local servers. These can be housed internally or at an off-site datacenter. A second option is cloud storage, which will allow for documents to be accessed from any device no matter where an employee is. If your document archive starts running out of storage space, all that is needed is an upgrade to the computer hardware. Finally, storage is a snap, as there are many software packages that can handle electronic documents and a variety of formats.

As you can see, storage is much easier with e-docs, not to mention that a simple backup of the archive will ensure no loss of data even if something happens to the physical office space.

Consider getting rid of those pesky piles of paper in your office. Absolutely Paperless can help with paperless stamps, forms and custom PDF scripting that will automate and speed up your workflow. Contact us today to see what we have to offer!

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