Paper Loyalty or Paperless Profit – Why It Matters

In today’s sophisticated world of modern software, Internet services, and hardware, paperless businesses are rapidly growing in popularity. “Go paperless. . . Go green” has now become the new mantra in today’s business world. Not only are businesses gaining a certain type of speed and efficiency in various processes by going paperless, they are also making the world a better place. Research conducted in commercial environments and the private and public sector shows that around 30% of printed-paper heads directly into the trash bin without ever being seen. In small businesses research showed that the ratio of paper waste was more than 50%, silently draining the small business of much needed profitability.

Although businesses may experience difficulty as they shift from their traditional paper ways, they need to mold themselves into something new with a different system that breaks their stagnant growth of customers and unnecessary employee turnover due to outdated paper processes. In today’s highly competitive digital business world you simply can’t afford to fall behind your competition, you should embrace the tools of today’s digital business world and maximize their potential to compete equally in the race. For example: the advent of electronic signatures in today’s business world has proven to be a huge cost and time savings for businesses while reducing the carbon footprint that was required by face to face meetings to sign traditional paperwork outside of the office.

Affordable and efficient, electronic signatures help businesses to go green and paperless, but even in today’s digital business world there are those who still rely on outdated paper processes in the workplace. Anything that leads them towards change or diverts them from their traditional paperwork processes makes them unsettled, and as a result they fall further behind their competitors every day by maintaining their outdated paper processes. Penny-pinching ideas always sound good at the time, but they eventually result in declining customer loyalty, decreasing revenue, and higher turnover of staff due to the inability to provide quality customer service to clients in a efficient and profitable way.

When it comes to a paperless office, there are many advantages to the business:

  • Increases in physical space as bulky filing cabinets can be reduced or eliminated
  • Printed forms and documents can now be emailed and signed electronically
  • Rubber stamps can be purged and replaced with state of the art digital hand stamps
  • Relocation to a new building or office becomes easy and saves money on the lease
  • Shipping costs can be reduced by sending clients receivers to sign electronically
  • Electronically filed documentation is accessible outside of the office 24/7

In some businesses the major players still don’t understand that when documentation is processed electronically opportunities open up for employees, clients, vendors, and business owners; all parties involved can work securely and remotely with flexible schedules and work hours. This improves employee morale, client and vendor relations, and the overall efficiency in the business. Other than these practical considerations businesses may experience a boost in their customers and sales, as their clients may favor a more forward thinking business that’s innovative and environmentally conscience.

In a world where everything starts with money and ends with money, paperless offices will now play an important role in shaping the spending trend of businesses well into the future. Going paperless saves time, manpower, and money by eliminating costly overheads.

Here’s an example:

The e-Procurement process: When compared to traditional paper processes that involves time consuming manual paperwork, e-Procurement processes helps suppliers and buyers eliminate the unnecessary paper work and processing time while maintaining the process of transparency throughout. To authenticate this process for a secure business, offices use electronic signatures. Therefore, this becomes a win-win position for clients and businesses.

Economic considerations and environmental concerns have created a huge drive in recent years, in the pursuit of creating paperless offices. When we look at huge companies having hundreds of employees and thousands of customers, with their entire systems based on computers and software, it makes no sense to rely on paperwork as a source for correspondence.

The physical transportation of paper becomes extremely costly while creating a noose around the company’s neck as you sit by the phone wondering whether your product was delivered to your client. The rationality to justify the waste of printed paper so physically signed client documentation can simply be seen in the office makes no sense in today’s digital business world, it’s cost prohibitive and ultimately undermines the image of the business.

Lastly, going paperless puts you and your business in a position where you are seen as an esteemed company that not only looks towards gaining sales and market growth, but a company that is heavily invested in a profitable future for itself and it’s staff. The “going green” decision differentiates you from your competitors and leads to valued marketplace status.

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