Making the Commitment to a Paperless Office

More and more companies are making the commitment to go paperless in the office. There are many different services to help make your office go paperless, including those that specialize in electronic filing and data backup. However, before you start looking into all your options, you may be wondering if this is any use to you.

There are many benefits to opting for going paperless in the office. Here are some of those.

You Will Save Space in the Workplace

One of the most important factors is that you will save a lot of space in the workplace. Since you will not print out documents, you will not need the filing cabinets to store it all. Some businesses find that they have a whole room for storage, and then often lose track of the paperwork.

Storing all the information digitally will mean you need more memory on computers, but most files do not take up that much space. You will need to consider investing in more storage if you use graphics, images and videos but if you have a document-based business storage will not usually become a problem.

Not only are you storing the information and saving space in the office, you could find that you save money. By saving space, you can opt for smaller office spaces and could even move your business back as a home-based business if this is viable for your needs. A smaller office brings lower rent costs, lower energy bills and lower cleaning costs, so you make more profit.

Easier to Find Files and Specific Documents

When you’re going through physical paperwork, you have to read every single sheet and go through all the different documents stored in the filing cabinets. This is a long drawn-out process, and is not something you have to worry about when it comes to digital information. Just think about all the time saving you will be doing.

When you’re looking on a computer, you can do a search for keywords. Some of the companies offering offsite, online storage will offer programs that search into the documents rather than just file names to pull up anything that could be relevant for your business needs. This is excellent when you are doing research or looking for a specific case that you have handled in the past. Legal firms, banking companies and small informational businesses will find they benefit.

Improving the efficiency of the office is better for everyone. Employees will become more productive, so they get more work done throughout the day. The files can be passed onto the right people, meaning that everyone else can get on with the tasks needed. This then helps the business as a whole, as more customers or clients can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

24 Hour Access Anywhere In the World

When you store your documents through online storage companies, you have 24 hour access. You also make it possible to access the information anywhere in the world. You can be on a business trip on the other side of the world and you won’t need to take all the separate documents with you. They can all be available on your laptop or tablet computer, and then you pull them up as soon as you need them.

It is also possible to do your work away from the office. Employees can have work from home days, because they can access all the files they need from their own computer. You can spend the day in meetings away from the office but do some work during your breaks. People can even commute and work at the same time!

File sharing is also made much easier. Instead of constantly emailing documents back and forth, everyone can have access to the same documents remotely. They can update a document and then wait until the next people have done their tasks. All of this creates a more efficient environment.

All you need for this to work is an internet connection, which is now available for free or cheap all over the place. Many restaurants and cafes have started offering free or low cost Wi-Fi to help increase their business profits.

Keep Your Documents Secure

One thing that many people understandably worry about is document security. This is possible while keeping the office paperless. Just like you’d lock a filing cabinet, you can lock the computer version. Passwords are the most common option, but some systems have fingerprint and retina recognition. It all depends on the cost you are willing to spend.

Online documents are subject to the third party terms, but you can do your research into these before signing up to anybody.

It is time to make the commitment to a paperless office. There are too many benefits to create reasons not to do this.


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