Ink on Paper – The Real Consequences

Printed pieces of paper are such an engrained part of our lives in the modern age that we don’t even think twice when we see them. Think about your day today – how many pieces of paper with printing have you come across? Depending on your daily routine and what kind of work you do in the office, that number could easily be in the hundreds. Each time you head to the filing cabinet, or even down to get your mail, you are finding printed pieces of paper waiting for you.

The financial cost of all of this printing, and all of the purchasing of paper, is well-documented. Your business likely stands to experience significant savings if you are able to transform your operation to a paperless office. However, there is another cost that all of this printing comes with, and you won’t find it on any line item on your budget – the cost to the environment all around us.

Easy Problem to Ignore

The challenge when talking about how much damage that ink and printing on paper can do to the environment is that the problem isn’t right in front of your face. If you print reams of paper during the day, you won’t see the environmental impact that those actions have because they take place over long periods of time, on a large scale. That doesn’t make them any less real, however.

If you care about the environment that you live in – and we all should – then getting away from using printed paper should be near the top of your professional and personal agenda. Because there are both financial benefits that can improve your business, and environmental benefits that can help our world as a whole, it seems like a no brainer to get away from printed paper as soon as possible.

A Heavy Price to Pay

Grabbing a bundle of copy paper and reloading the printer in the office is a mindless task that most of us do without even thinking twice. However, do you know what that bundle of paper means in terms of a carbon footprint? According to Standard Carbon (, 500 sheets of copy paper produces a staggering 4.59 pounds of CO2. Think about how much paper your business churns through in a year, and you can easily see how much carbon that adds up to.

So, at some point, the time comes to think about whether or not what you are printing is so important that it is worth adding that much carbon to the atmosphere. Most likely, you will come to the conclusion that no, it is not. With so many easy and straightforward options for having a paperless office operation, there just isn’t much reason to continue on with the bulk printing that most business engage in. Even if you make the switch mostly for financial reasons, the environmental benefits will still be just as important.

Making Technology Count

All of the technological advancements that we have made over the last decade are only as good as what we do with them. If we develop great software and devices that enable a paperless lifestyle – but then continue to use paper anyway – what good has the technology done us? As a business owner or manager, you have the opportunity to lead the way and make sure that the right changes are made in a timely fashion. Getting your business out ahead of the competition by leveraging technology to your advantage is something that will have a variety of benefits for your bottom line and the world around you, as well.

Contact Absolutely Paperless today to learn more about how easy it can be to switch over your business to a paperless environment – there are simply too many good reasons not to.

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