Ink On Paper: Is It Significant Anymore?

The world is moving further and further into a technological one. It’s led to a number of great inventions, like the tablet computer and PDF forms. It leads to the question of whether paper is really necessary anymore. Is it possible to now have a completely paperless office? In the most cases, this is definitely a possibility.


Signing of Documents Through Echosign Technology


Adobe Echosign has now made it possible to never need to print documents to sign ever again. The documents are sent via email for clients, customers and businesses to look over. The user can then type their name, and it appears instantly on the paperwork. That can then be sent straight back via email.


This has always been the hardest part of making an office completely paperless. In fact, it has prevented many due to the nature of their businesses. By sending everything electronically, it means that businesses receive contracts sooner, so they can get on with the work.


PDF forms can be read on all types of devices, since mobile device apps make it possible to run the required software. It means that people can check on the go, receive forms instantly, and do business anywhere in the world. The Echosign is also available on these mobile devices, and other mobile technology makes it very easy to sign traditionally.


Sharing Files During Video Conferences


Meetings usually require minutes to be sent out. These were once on paper, and could take hours to print. It is now possible to send all the information required via email. In fact, the documents can also be passed through video conferencing software to make it easy for everyone to gather it at the same time.


Web Ex is just one type of software available for this need. This also allows the ability to share the computer screen with others, so it is possible to talk everyone through a problem, discuss a specific need and share examples of how something will work without actually having to be there. Presentations and printed slide sheets are a thing of the past.


PDFs Can Be Protected


Those who worry about the security of electronic files will be happy to know that most PDF forms can be protected. Software can be used to prevent easy copying and pasting, and the initial saving means that people cannot make subtle changes before signing documents.


There is no need to hire a PDF expert, but there are plenty out there willing to offer a hand. Even if you don’t have an expert within the software, you could hire someone to handle all the virtual paperwork that comes through the office.

Store Everything Online to Access Anywhere


Cloud computing makes it possible to store everything you have online. The information is accessible by anyone who has the password and access to the cloud software, and they can get to it from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and computer.


Many of the cloud companies now offer mobile device apps. This is because so many people rely on these to access their documents. You don’t need to hope you find a computer at your destination, and you can usually download the documents to work offline while commuting if you need. They can then be uploaded again for the next person to work on.


Offline Marketing Is Become a Thing of the Past


Using flyers and posters for your marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are focusing on the online, digital marketing options. It could be social media, video or content marketing; either way, this is what people want to use. There’s no point in focusing on the other methods, when the digital options are easier and cheaper to use.


Paper starts to become a thing of the past in the office. You can still create posters, but you make them available online instead. Your flyers are emailed out to your subscribers, and banner advertisements are placed on websites. With the use of mobile device apps, all of these can be updated quickly and easily wherever you are.


Ink on paper is starting to become obsolete. Technology is taking over so much that it could be possible for your business to become a paperless one. Consider hiring a PDF expert, and start making the move to Echosign technology for your PDF forms and contracts. Use digital forms of marketing and use various mobile device apps to keep track of everything on the go. You will soon wonder why you needed such a big office in the first place.


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