Going Paperless – The Ultimate Return on Investment


Changing over from a paper filled office to a paperless one is an investment. In order to be successful, you are going to need to put money into scanning in old documents, purchasing computers to handle the database, purchasing software that will handle all of the documents and possibly investing in tablets or high end cell phones for your workers. Is the investment worth it? Here are some ways that you will see immediate and long term returns on your paperless investment.

Misplaced Documents and Paperwork

The estimated cost for a lost document is about $250 in time and labor to replace it. The more paper that there is in your office, the more chances there are that a document is going to be misfiled or lost altogether. This can quickly add up. With a paperless document filing system, there is no way to lose your documents. They are there at your fingertips whenever you need them.

This can also increase the security of your documents. Paper documents that hold personal or proprietary information can be stolen or even “recovered” from the trash. Electronic documents are not as susceptible from being compromised in this way. This can help to prevent costly losses at the hands of identity and information thieves.

Let Employees do More Important Things

How much of your employees’ time is spent dealing with filing, tracking and dealing with paper documents? It might surprise you. All of that time spent shuffling paperwork is a low-value task. Going paperless can free up yours and your employees’ time to do the thing they should be doing instead of shuffling paper. Paperwork and paper handling are all no return on investment tasks. Having a paperless office will keep your employees working on things that bring in revenue and let them feel like they are doing more valuable work.

Reduce Costs on Paper and Ink

Take a minute to think about all of the ways dealing with paper documents costs your business. First there is the hardware of printers, print servers and copiers. Add to that the rising costs of paper and ink. Then there are the costs for filing cabinets and the time spent doing all of the filing. The costs add up very quickly. Going paperless eliminates all of that overhead. Yes, there is an initial cost investment to transfer to a paperless work space, but that cost will start to pay for itself when you no longer have to buy paper or upgrade printers.

Saves Time

How much time does it take to search for a document, do what needs to be done with it, then file it back where it belongs? Experts estimate that business could be spending close to 20 percent of their time with paperwork associated tasks. Going paperless eliminates this time sync and lets your office get to do revenue building work instead of dealing with paper.

Absolutely Paperless can help your office go digital. We offer a wide variety of software tools that will assist you in the move to get rid of all the paper and help you start realizing your return on a paperless investment in the short term.

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