Fillable PDF Documents – Using Dynamic PDF Forms in the Workplace

Because PDF is first and foremost about the page, pretty much anytime the key PDF qualities of authenticity, reliability, and portability are called for in a document application, PDF can serve like no other technology.

Any business can realize tremendous benefits with PDF.

  • PDF document generation and distribution eliminates printing costs and moves any remaining need for hard-copy to the end-user where it belongs.
  • Interactive PDF forms facilitate and transform business processes
  • PDF documentation helps customers, suppliers and employees find relevant information fast
  • Business can use PDF forms to record transactions, procedures and workflows
  • PDF assists with safe communications between parties
  • PDF is a powerful archive format for content generated in other formats

There are two types of PDF forms:

Static PDF form – Static PDF forms don’t change one you create the documents.  They preserve the look and content regardless of the media in which they’re viewed.

Dynamic PDF form – A dynamic form is an interactive PDF that provides you with fillable fields that can be saved, submitted, signed, etc.  This is what is known as a “fillable PDF form”, and they’re a big part of going paperless.

Who Uses Fillable PDF Forms

If your company uses internal documentation on formal, blank, preprinted forms or needs to organize the existing document flow in a more formal way

If you need documents that can’t be accidentally changed by a recipient after they have been filled/created (documentation, invoices, receipts, applications, reports etc.).

Why Every Business Should be Using Dynamic PDF’s

The fact that the document layout is preserved on every device isn’t the only benefit.  There’s also the dynamic functionality of this type of document: PDF forms allow annotations, bookmarks, hyperlinks and active zones within the document, controls (text fields, dropdown lists, buttons etc.), and even audio and video streams.

Dynamic PDF’s are the foundation of creating a paperless workflow.  They eliminate the need for printing and hand-writing or hand-signing forms.  What’s even better about this type of PDF is that they can be designed so that they are read-only for the user but can still be altered and customized by specific software if you need change the master.

Fillable PDF Forms will let you avoid many typing mistakes when filling applications or other complicated forms by using built-in and custom validation technologies. You will minimize the risk that the user will submit an incomplete application or enter some standard data (dates, phones, SSN) in some substandard format.

Most importantly, they are fully compatible with virtually any operating system.  Any user can use the open and basic functions of a PDF form.  Free adobe readers are available so every client, user, employee and vendor can access the forms generated in a business.

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