Dynamic PDF Stamps

Purge Rubber and Ink

Does your organization still use rubber stamps that you need to fill out by hand to “Approve” or “Reject” documentation, enter a date, sign by hand, and complete other task? Does your organization waste paper and countless hours needlessly scanning stamped documentation so it can be stored electronically?

Would your organization benefit financially by eliminating the need for rubber hand stamps, ink, and paper from you workflow processes? If you could have customized dynamic PDF stamps that speed up document handling and allowed you to avoid hours of monotonous, hand-cramp-inducing writing – would you do it?

Absolutely Paperless develops tailor-made branded customized dynamic PDF stamps that allows businesses to stamp their documentation dynamically using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software. Our user-friendly customized dynamic PDF stamps are programmed to meet your flexible workflow specifications exactly with no annual contracts, or monthly subscriptions fees required.

Branded Dynamic PDF Stamps

Absolutely Paperless lets you bring those stamps into your paperless workflow process by creating customized dynamic PDF stamps for any use, any process and any brand. Even when that brand is you!


We create customized dynamic PDF stamps in virtually any industry including:

• Engineer Stamps • Architect Stamps • Designer Stamps • Contractor Stamps • Business Stamps

• Attorney Stamps • Inspector Stamps • Banking Stamps • Medical Stamps • And many more…

You Exceeded Our Expectations

Opening a new division in a foreign country can present many problems not to mention language barriers. Our new division in Malaysia needed a way to convert our rubber hand stamp approval and rejection process for drawings and blueprints into a comprehensive electronic process for architects, designers, and engineers. After doing extensive research on the web for a solution to our problem we discovered a company called Absolutely Paperless based out of Brighton Colorado that specialized in customized dynamic PDF stamps designed to stamp documentation electronically.

With our new Malaysia division based half way around the world from Absolutely Paperless we weren’t sure what type of response we would receive when we reached out to them, but much to our amazement it was like they were working right next door to us. Within 72 hours of contacting Absolutely Paperless we developed new customized dynamic PDF stamps for our division that we use to approve or reject drawings and blueprints electronically now. Not only did Absolutely Paperless save us in labor-intensive paper processes and cost, they created an avenue for our division to go completely paperless. You definitely exceeded our expectations, thanks Absolutely Paperless.

James Smith
PMP Lhoist Malaysia

Break free from Ink Stamps

No matter the need, we provide customized dynamic PDF stamps for use in your paperless workflow process – or for filing any type of digital document. We specialize in custom scripted and programmed PDF stamps to maximize the efficiency of your document processing.

• No more rubber ink stamps

• Make form processing easy with customized dynamic PDF stamps

• Stamp and brand your documents in style

• Eliminate costly postage and package handling fees

• Automate paper based rubber stamp processes

• And much more…

To see our dynamic PDF stamps in action please visit our YouTube or Vimeo pages.

Watch a demo video or contact us today about custom digital stamp design for your business.