Dynamic PDF Stamps – Answer to Seasonal Demand and Tight Labor Market

Increased productivity capacity is the answer.

Seasonal hiring is a fact of life for many companies.

Instigating the use of Dynamic PDF stamps and other automation tools may enable businesses to eliminate paper-based processes and increase their production capacity. Doing so will help them to rely less on seasonal hiring and other workforce strategies to meet holiday demand while in-the-midst of a tight labor market.

Tis the season…

Yes, the holidays are upon us.

For a large swath of U.S. businesses spanning the gamut, from retailers and manufacturers to transportation/distribution/logistical companies, service providers, food service operators (caterers and food wholesalers) and restaurants, and more, this time of year is their busiest and most important.

To deal with the seasonal demand, small to large businesses alike need to ramp up their operations, which often means hiring temporary personnel on a part or full-time basis.

Unfortunately, companies are finding the labor market quite tight this year, so their prospects of engaging in seasonal hiring to deal with increased demand seems quite dim this time around.

The Labor Numbers

The news regarding the employment market tightening should come as no surprise, as the trend of an improving labor market has been underway for quite some time.

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 4.1-percent in October, according to the Labor Department, representing a 16-year low for the all-important economic barometer.

More simply stated, the U.S. job market is at a level that is considered by most economist to be fully employed. The Labor Department estimates that there are more than 6-million unfilled job openings nationwide. This is most definitely a “workers’ market” – if a person wants a job, they can get a job.

While good for individuals and for the economy, the tight labor market is not so good for employers – especially those who’re seeking help to meet their all-important seasonal demand needs.

Beyond This Season

While the ability to meet seasonal demand this year may seem tough, this is an anomaly and the years to come will be easier, right?

Fact is that employment and economic cycles can often last years, so companies may be looking at an extended period of “much the same” when it comes to the ability to hire seasonally to meet increased demand.

Unable to do so, companies that fail to adjust and come up with answers will lose out to competitors who are successful in finding ways to adapt and meet the increased seasonal demands of customers.

Better Productivity – The Real Answer

Truth is that be it “The Season” where companies in many industries must make the lion’s share of their annual revenues, or the slow season, where they need to operate lean and mean to protect their bottom line and ongoing viability, concentrating on productivity is the key to survival and prosperity.

No matter the labor market situation at any given time, the ability to do and accomplish more with existing staff can be the difference between survival and becoming another failed statistic.

The reality is that for many companies, the problem isn’t the need for more workers (seasonally or not), or even integrating expensive automation systems – it boils down to eliminating redundancies and unnecessary tasks. Streamlining workflow and automating certain manual processes can allow companies to make the most use out of the people and systems already in place.

Eliminate Manual

When it comes to eliminating redundancies and unnecessary tasks, manual stamping is one of the biggest culprits in any workplace.

Most companies use stamps throughout their entire workflow process and across myriad departments. As such, the stamps are a necessary tool, yet manual stamping is a process that is redundant and time consuming.

Moreover, it’s prone to errors, omissions and loss, be it in the enterprise or a small business. And given its redundant nature, it’s a task that drives down job satisfaction among employees – they’d much rather have such processes automated, freeing them to engage in more productive work.

Dynamic PDF Stamps

Let’s face it, seasonal demand can strain companies when it comes to processing and fulfilling orders to meet the needs of customers, especially during the holidays.

The fact this occurs across many industries at the same time tends to exacerbate the problem – everybody’s seeking to hire up for the season at the same time. And that pool of available talent is shrinking.

No matter their business size, the answer in the past (and present) for most companies has been to hire extra personnel during busy seasons or invest in expensive technology to increase their production capacity.

A better, more cost-effective approach would be automating workflow processes that would enable the corporation to become more productive and able to meet seasonal demand. Doing so would alleviate the need to spend on unnecessary payroll and software, and serve to bolster the bottom line.

Without doubt, introducing dynamic PDF stamps in place of manual stamping is perhaps the easiest, most cost-effective initiative a company can undertake. Doing so can be a great “first step” when it comes to automation and unlocking your company’s productivity capacity.


Contact us today to learn more about how our customizable Dynamic PDF Stamp solutions can help you automate your processes, drive down costs, reduce seasonal hiring needs through increased production capacity, and positively impact your bottom line.

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Dynamic PDF Stamps – Answer to Seasonal Demand and Tight Labor Market
Increasing productivity capacity through the use of workflow automation processes, such as using Dynamic PDF stamps, can help companies better utilize existing staff and reduce their reliance on seasonal holiday hiring.

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