Completely Paperless with Adobe Acrobat – Fact or Fiction

How much have you invested in solutions that can help your business in going completely paperless?

All businesses admit that technology has had a strong impact on the pace of things in the business world. Information flow has never been smoother and yes, life has also become a bit easier by relying on automated procedures rather than doing paperwork manually. Who would disagree that sending an email is much easier than writing a letter.

Businesses that are operating in this era of technology are relying less on paper work and trying to move towards a completely paperless environment where everything is technology-based. Today, it’s not unusual for many businesses to coordinate all of their transactions with suppliers and clients in a completely paperless method.

As tempting as it may sound, the idea of being able to do business in a completely paperless environment seems questionable – or at the least, extremely difficult to achieve. How can the different formats be merged and communication captured into a seamless workflow? Surely, it must require heavy investment in software and hardware to take the business to a point where it operates without the use of paper files, invoices, stamps, letterheads, etc.! And as a zealous CEO of a business, you might have loved the challenge and taken it upon yourself to invest a hefty amount in achieving this daunting task.

Amongst all the options you have explored to-date, how much time and effort have you spent looking into the capabilities of your Adobe Acrobat software to provide you with your paperless workflow solution? To be honest, whenever we hear the words Adobe Acrobat most people still associate it with Adobe Reader, the scaled down of version of Adobe Acrobat that’s offered for free, and as a result, they never explore the full potential of their Adobe Acrobat software’s capabilities to provide them with a paperless workflow solution.

Adobe Reader is one of the most widely used versions of Adobe software used by people around the world; and the fact that it’s free definitely makes it an extremely popular choice.

However, Adobe Reader does not even come close to the capabilities of its big brother Adobe Acrobat, but it’s still a cost effective way to begin the paperless workflow process. The good news is your Adobe Acrobat software could very well turn your dream of having a completely paperless workflow into a reality if it’s used to it’s full potential.

With the right workflow structure in place and proper advanced programming techniques to assist your Adobe Acrobat software, you could be well on you’re way to using your Adobe Acrobat software as your complete paperless office solution with nothing more than advanced PDF forms, customized dynamic PDF stamps, and automated Java Scripts.

Yes, it’s true that the World Wide Web is already full of paperless solution providers ranging in everything from simple build it yourself form template programs, fully automated paperless solutions providers, to on-line communities for document sharing and storage. But for many businesses these types of solutions are cost prohibitive due to the excessive cost of their proprietary rights, or just don’t offer the flexibility to create the advanced tailor-made scalable paperless workflow they are seeking.

This is not to say that these type of solutions aren’t valued in the marketplace today, as they wouldn’t exist if they weren’t, but perhaps more importantly it points out that maybe it’s time took to take another look under the hood of your Adobe Acrobat software to see what it’s capabilities are in helping you create the paperless workflow solution you need.

How Adobe Acrobat Can Help Create a Paperless Environment for your Business

It’s well known that Adobe Acrobat software features include fillable PDF form creation, file storage in the cloud, PDF file conversion to Word and Excel, document copy and edit password protection, and compliant E-signature standardization etc… but it’s not very well known that your Adobe Acrobat software can be enhanced with automated java scripts that can be installed directly inside your Adobe Acrobat software to automate your paperless workflow solutions completely.

For example, if your organization is spending an excessive amount of time printing out PDF forms and then entering the information collected in your PDF forms into your primary office platform software manually, you can have an automated java script developed that can be installed directly into your Adobe Acrobat software that will eliminate this redundant data entry process completely, while saving you bundles of cash on paper and operating cost.

If your organization spends countless hours transferring data between Excel spreadsheets and PDF forms on your desktop or public facing forms manually, you can have an automated java script developed that can merge the data between your Excel and PDF forms seamlessly installed directly into your Adobe Acrobat software with no annual or monthly fees for the custom script.

If your organization deals with multiple amounts of differently formatted request for quote forms sent to you by your clients and you spend countless hours trying to sift through the forms just to provide the correct quote, you can have an advanced PDF form created for your clients that will extract the data from the form into your primary office platform seamlessly, ultimately eliminating improper quotes due to erroneous or incomplete information provided by the client.

If your organization still prints out thousands of paper invoices to stamp them with a rubber hand stamp, and then forwards the invoices by hand manually to your Accounts Payable department to be approved and paid, you can have a customized dynamic PDF stamp developed that will totally automate the process allowing you to eliminate your paper invoices, rubber hand stamps, and huge overhead expenses of paper based processes.

The examples provided above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities that advanced PDF forms, customized dynamic PDF stamps, and complex automated java scripts offer in developing your paperless office solution with Adobe Acrobat software. But more importantly, the success of your paperless office solution will always be determined by your belief in it; not by the technology used to create it.

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