Ink on Paper – The Real Consequences

Ink on Paper – The Real Consequences

Printed pieces of paper are such an engrained part of our lives in the modern age that we don’t even think twice when we see them. Think about your day today – how many pieces of paper with printing have you come across? Depending on your daily routine and what kind of work you do […]

The Paper Clipboard – Just an Antique Now

In days gone by, the clipboard was a staple of every office. In fact, most offices had piles of them at the ready for everything from job applications to contracts, quotes, and more. If you are a business owner and are currently sitting in your office, you could probably look around and find a clipboard […]

The Paperless Office is Today’s New Steamroller

In some ways, business is quite complicated. In other ways, it is incredibly simple. In fact, one of the main cornerstones of doing business successfully over a long period of time can be summed up in just three words – Adapt, or die. Yes, it really is that simple. Organizations who refuse to adapt to […]

Is My Staff Ready to Go Paperless?

Making the move to take your office paperless is a bold and exciting step that can lead you toward more efficient operations, increased profits, and less clutter in the office to slow down productivity. However, you will need to be well-prepared and organized in order to make the change successfully and without disruption for you […]

Incomplete Information Who’s Really To Blame

Everybody makes mistakes.  There’s a buffer in daily life and work flow processes for the regular and routine “oops.”  Smart, well-trained people make mistakes all the time.  The fact is they happen a lot more often even in a well-trained carefully conducted office when checks aren’t put into place. Those system checks are far more […]

Computer Illiteracy The Real Cost

You’d be hard pressed to enter a household with children that didn’t have some kind of video game system, from handhelds to PC gaming.  Kids are hooked on them and can’t seem to get enough.  Their addiction to the entertainment mirrors the kind of addiction businesses have to using paper. The downside of the business […]

6 Established Ways To Go Paperless

  1)    Electronic Faxing There are so many ways in which fax to email technology improves on the functionality of that old fax machine you still have sitting around that it’s not at all easy to come up with a valid reason to keep that old (soon to be) hunk of junk taking up space […]

Making the Commitment to a Paperless Office

More and more companies are making the commitment to go paperless in the office. There are many different services to help make your office go paperless, including those that specialize in electronic filing and data backup. However, before you start looking into all your options, you may be wondering if this is any use to […]

5 Tips toward Becoming a Paperless Business

Going completely paperless is no small feat and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.  Once you finally get to that point, like most businesses you’ll discover that you’re still not 100% paperless. More than a decade into the 21st century you would think that as a whole we would be a lot more advanced when it […]

Top Apps to Help Your Business Go Paperless

There are a lot of ways to take your office or business paperless – because there’s really no specific single solution.  Because each business operates differently, implementing custom solutions along with apps and other software is one of the best routes to take.  Here are some of the most popular apps, compatible even with mobile […]

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