E-Notary: Moving Beyond The Rubber-Hand Stamp

E-Notary: Moving Beyond The Rubber-Hand Stamp

A notary public is an assigned legal party assigned to witness the authenticity of a document. E-notary is the move from the offline execution of this practice to online and electronic notarization. Public opinion of electronic notarization has been conflicted, with fear of identity fraud and signature protection jeopardy, but the public industry has slowly […]

Ink On Paper: Is It Significant Anymore?

The world is moving further and further into a technological one. It’s led to a number of great inventions, like the tablet computer and PDF forms. It leads to the question of whether paper is really necessary anymore. Is it possible to now have a completely paperless office? In the most cases, this is definitely […]

6 Tips to Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace

Creating a paperless environment and streamlining the workflow can have a big positive impact on productivity as well as revenue.  That doesn’t necessarily mean though that you’ll get 100% efficiency out of every person in your business. Productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts, and keeping workers motivated and productive is always […]

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