The Writing on the Wall – How Much it’s Really Costing You

The Writing on the Wall – How Much it’s Really Costing You

Integration of technology into businesses has influenced all aspects of a business, including marketing. In the early days, marketing mainly involved print marketing but the digital age has redefined the term business marketing. Innovative, creative and flexible, there are endless ways and methods of advertising a business online. When companies plan their marketing strategies, it […]

The Paperless Office is Today’s New Steamroller

In some ways, business is quite complicated. In other ways, it is incredibly simple. In fact, one of the main cornerstones of doing business successfully over a long period of time can be summed up in just three words – Adapt, or die. Yes, it really is that simple. Organizations who refuse to adapt to […]

6 Established Ways To Go Paperless

  1)    Electronic Faxing There are so many ways in which fax to email technology improves on the functionality of that old fax machine you still have sitting around that it’s not at all easy to come up with a valid reason to keep that old (soon to be) hunk of junk taking up space […]

Ink On Paper: Is It Significant Anymore?

The world is moving further and further into a technological one. It’s led to a number of great inventions, like the tablet computer and PDF forms. It leads to the question of whether paper is really necessary anymore. Is it possible to now have a completely paperless office? In the most cases, this is definitely […]

5 Tips toward Becoming a Paperless Business

Going completely paperless is no small feat and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.  Once you finally get to that point, like most businesses you’ll discover that you’re still not 100% paperless. More than a decade into the 21st century you would think that as a whole we would be a lot more advanced when it […]

Calculating the ROI of a Paperless Workflow

Consider for a moment that one four-drawer file cabinet: Holds 15K-20K pages of paper Costs $25,000 to fill Costs $2,000 per year to maintain How do you justify such a wide scale project in your office? Start by calculating the ROI of a proposal to go paperless or for proposing upgrades to servers, software, hardware, […]

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