How to Increase Efficiency with Paperless Workflow

How to Increase Efficiency with Paperless Workflow

Paper. It seems like it is everywhere in the office. File cabinets, inboxes, desktops and folders are all full of it. But is it really necessary in today’s modern office? With more employees having flexible schedules and working from home, it can be nearly impossible to get a signature on a critical piece of paper. […]

Paper Loyalty or Paperless Profit – Why It Matters

In today’s sophisticated world of modern software, Internet services, and hardware, paperless businesses are rapidly growing in popularity. “Go paperless. . . Go green” has now become the new mantra in today’s business world. Not only are businesses gaining a certain type of speed and efficiency in various processes by going paperless, they are also […]

Completely Paperless with Adobe Acrobat – Fact or Fiction

How much have you invested in solutions that can help your business in going completely paperless? All businesses admit that technology has had a strong impact on the pace of things in the business world. Information flow has never been smoother and yes, life has also become a bit easier by relying on automated procedures […]

Paperless Office – Where Do I Start

Productivity and efficiency are important aspects for any workplace, and these aspects are major driving forces behind the organization. So, it is not surprising that employers are constantly concerned and strive to improve productivity of their workplace. Any business, big or small, requires record keeping of some sort for their different paper documentation. Until a […]

Going Paperless – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In any business, communication is very important. Communication is not only vital with the customers, but also within the company. There are different modes of communication, and most of them are paper-based. Along with these, there are paper documents involved in every business. From financial statements to receipts and bills, these documents need to maintained […]

The Writing on the Wall – How Much it’s Really Costing You

Integration of technology into businesses has influenced all aspects of a business, including marketing. In the early days, marketing mainly involved print marketing but the digital age has redefined the term business marketing. Innovative, creative and flexible, there are endless ways and methods of advertising a business online. When companies plan their marketing strategies, it […]

Ink on Paper – The Real Consequences

Printed pieces of paper are such an engrained part of our lives in the modern age that we don’t even think twice when we see them. Think about your day today – how many pieces of paper with printing have you come across? Depending on your daily routine and what kind of work you do […]

The Paper Clipboard – Just an Antique Now

In days gone by, the clipboard was a staple of every office. In fact, most offices had piles of them at the ready for everything from job applications to contracts, quotes, and more. If you are a business owner and are currently sitting in your office, you could probably look around and find a clipboard […]

The Paperless Office is Today’s New Steamroller

In some ways, business is quite complicated. In other ways, it is incredibly simple. In fact, one of the main cornerstones of doing business successfully over a long period of time can be summed up in just three words – Adapt, or die. Yes, it really is that simple. Organizations who refuse to adapt to […]

Is My Staff Ready to Go Paperless?

Making the move to take your office paperless is a bold and exciting step that can lead you toward more efficient operations, increased profits, and less clutter in the office to slow down productivity. However, you will need to be well-prepared and organized in order to make the change successfully and without disruption for you […]

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