Adobe Acrobat’s Redesign Makes Going Paperless Easier Than Ever Before

OfficeThe ability for your office to go paperless depends on you having access to the proper digital tools that allow you to make the transition. It is hard to believe that in 2015 people would rather use filing cabinets, banker’s boxes and pens instead of being able to just send official documents quickly and efficiently. Adobe has recognized this and decided to help out by adding an entirely new set of features to Acrobat.

The New Acrobat

Acrobat’s latest edition was released with the paperless office and the cloud in mind. They have integrated new tools that will allow you to access documents from multiple devices, sign and email things electronically and even allow you to use your camera phone as a quality document scanner. Let’s take a look at these new features and how they might help you in your paperless office.

Open on All Devices with Cloud Integration

How many times were you sitting in a meeting wishing that you could pull the document you were just working on at your desk up on your mobile device? Adobe has felt your pain and now gives you that option by setting up the document cloud. Recently opened files can easily be accessed from any device.

Digital Signatures

One of the main reasons to continue using paper documents is that there isn’t an easy way to send them for digital signatures. As touch technology and styluses become more common with mobile devices, Adobe has addressed this issue by adding enhanced features for digital signatures. You can now create a document in Acrobat and send an email directly to the person you want to sign it. The recipient of the document gets an email notifying them to log on and sign it. Once they do, notifications of the signature are sent out to all necessary parties. The document is then stamped with metadata to show the signature authenticity.

Picture Conversion

Old systems required you having a high quality scanner to turn a paper document into a high quality PDF file. Adobe has made it so that is no longer the case. The latest version of Acrobat is capable of turning your cell phone camera into a document scanner. Not only can it correct for poor lighting and shadows, Acrobat has enhanced features that will allow it to adjust for odd angles of the picture as well. It can take and enhance most photographs to make a PDF file, automatically finding the boarders and doing all of the corrections automatically.

Acrobat is taking the paperless office revolution seriously by adding this enhanced suite of tools to their most commonly used software package. Try out the new version in your paperless office, along with the suite of tools that are available from Absolutely Paperless. They make tools that can take Acrobat to the next level and make sure that your paperless office never looks back to having filing cabinets full of signed documents.

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