6 Ways that Paperless Workflow Boosts Productivity

Woman WorkingGoing paperless will obviously save you money, and it has other benefits as well. Having a paperless office will boost your work productivity almost immediately. As your office changes from handling large volumes of paper to not having to worry about it, you will see these benefits manifest themselves!

Quicker Search Times

One of the things you will notice almost immediately is how much easier it is to find the documents you need. No longer will you have to remember dates, times or last names. A quick search electronically can be done with any of that information.

Added Search Capabilities

Paper isn’t friendly when it comes to keyword searches. Electronic documents are. This means that building reports and forms can be done by merely selecting the keywords that you know should be in them. When a document is needed, just search on the content and every applicable piece will be at your fingertips.

Easy Access

Have you ever been out at a customer site and you forgot an important form? No longer do you need to hang around a fax machine waiting for it to be sent over. With electronic documents, any device you have with you is capable of retrieving what you need when you need it. Getting rid of paper means that you are no longer tied to the location that the paper resides at. All of your documents can be stored on the cloud and accessed when you need them. You can even use your website to make standard forms available to any customer at their convenience.

Process Automation

Forms, once filled out, need to find their way to the correct department. What if that process were automatic? It’s not possible with paper documents, but it’s a huge advantage of going paperless. No longer does a paper form need to be carried to the right person, only to get lost in a pile of other documents. Electronic documents can be built with routing inside them to insure that the document gets to the person or department that needs to have it quickly and without human intervention.


Nobody likes to see red ink on their documents. Most people don’t like correcting documents with a red pen. Electronic documents allow direct collaboration between people as a document is written. This saves time and money because corrections are made on the fly instead of having to go through an authoring and correction process. This can speed up productivity as well as increase the quality of the work that is produced.

More Time to do Actual Work

How much time do your employees spend printing, filling out, filing and retrieving paper documents? All that time spent handing paper is time they could be doing the actual job they were hired to do. Going paperless removes that burden and allows them to get more work done.

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