6 Established Ways To Go Paperless


1)    Electronic Faxing

There are so many ways in which fax to email technology improves on the functionality of that old fax machine you still have sitting around that it’s not at all easy to come up with a valid reason to keep that old (soon to be) hunk of junk taking up space in your office.

While the fax machine may be a very familiar piece of office equipment, it’s also an increasingly out of date one, as quality fax to email services are rendering them completely obsolete.


2)    On-line Meeting Solutions

As technology continues to play a major role in the way we conduct business, it comes as no surprise that organizations are turning to online methods of communication to reach out. Imagine having the ability to communicate to your stakeholders on a regular basis without either of you having to leave your current location.

Apart from the obvious time and cost benefits, these powerful online methods of communication allow you to communicate with a larger audience in a variety of industries.


3)    Electronic Document Signing Services

Cutting operational costs, moving to greener methods and even regulatory compliance are all factors driving the move away from paper records and other documents and towards secure electronic equivalents.

Whether in government or for private organizations, an electronically signed document provides a digital document with the same credibility as a hand-signed paper document. This allows groups to be more efficient in their contracts and other communications, particularly when communicating with colleagues in other countries.


4)    Social Media Marketing

Global print advertising has fallen 39 percent, equivalent to $51 billion, between 2007 and 2013 and there’s little sign of that trend slowing, with annual declines continuing at between seven and 12 percent in 2013 according to Ken Doctor, news analyst and blogger at Nieman Journalism lab.

And in effect, there is now a $99 billion online advertising opportunity, with two-thirds of that money going to Google, Facebook, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo.


5)    Digital Hand Stamps

Again, as technology continues to play a major role in the way we conduct business, it comes as no surprise that organizations are continuing to look for more cost effective and sustainable business methods in all phases of their administrative processes.

For example, with the ability to stamp and approve documentation legally with electronic – notary digital hand stamps in over eighteen states now, it’s no wonder the soaring electronic notary industry continues to set the standard and trend using digital hand stamps for other industries to follow.

Apart from the obvious time and cost benefits of traditional rubber stamps, digital hand stamps offer a powerful alternative to businesses looking to rid themselves of old-fashioned rubber stamps and move towards a completely paperless office using modern technology.


6)    Electronic Mail


There has been a 25% decline in the total mail volume for the USPS (United States Postal Service) from 2006-2011, resulting in a $5.1 Billion loss in 2011 alone.

Email, Internet Bill Payment and Statements, SMS alerts, and other information delivery mechanisms are much more timely and cheaper than “Snail Mail” today. Environmental awareness and ‘do not mail’ lists have contributed to the decline also.

A great example of the advantages of email over snail mail can be explained by considering a new home purchase. Say you are looking to relocate for work. You are moving from Florida to California, and after a few trips, you found just the house to purchase.

Now that you’ve found the house, you need to start with negotiations, loan documents, and inspection or appraisal reports before you and the bank can finalize on the house. Now, consider how long all of this would take if you were using traditional mail.

Weeks? Months? With email and the ease of attaching documents as files to your messages, all of this “paperwork” can be handled instantly. As soon as the inspector finishes their work throughout the house, they can have the paperwork sent from California to your current home in Florida in seconds.


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