11 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Office


1. Save Money

The first and most obvious reason is the money you will save. Paper, printers, toner, copiers and service for all of those things can take a huge amount of money. And for what? Is there anything that printing out a document gives you that an electronic copy doesn’t?

Going paperless will immediately eliminate all of the costs associated with the production of paper. The cost savings alone can help to finance the cost of getting everyone tablets for their e-docs, provide revenue for other projects or improve employee moral with Friday afternoon beer tasting!

2. Improved Collaboration on Projects

A lot of work in the modern office is done by teams. Documents no longer have single authors but are collaborative affairs that require the input of all the team members to make them work. Instead of passing around a paper copy of a document with red ink all over it, try going paperless.

Many tools exist that allow team members to check out documents and add notes then check them back in or even work at the same time on the same document. This helps to improve team workflow and produce quality results faster.

3. Searchable Documents

Searching for paper documents is a time consuming process. Instead of relying on the filing skills of whoever authored a document, a paperless office is able to leverage keyword searches for your documents.

Electronic archives take seconds to search to find what you need instead of potentially all day sifting through filing cabinets. Electronic filing also frees up employees time perform more important tasks.

4. Saving Space

Filing cabinets take up office space. This means that you need to have a bigger office just to hold all of the paper! Eliminate those filing cabinets and the paper that is in them. A single hard drive can hold quite a few cabinets’ worth of paper and hardly takes up any space at all. More space in your office means more room for a bigger break room or desks for more employees.

5. Improved Accessibility

With paper documents, there is often only one copy. This means that if you are not in the office to get that copy, or someone else is using it your work, will be put on hold until they are done. Both of these problems are solved by going paperless.

As more workplaces offer work from home or flexible schedules, your documents need to have the flexibility to match. Having an electronic document archive will help get your employees the documents they need when they need them.

6. Improved Security

Nobody wants their proprietary information leaked. Paper can be hard to keep hold of and track. It can also be difficult to dispose of so that competitors can’t get a hold of your information.

Electronic documents can have security measures attached to them that show just who accessed them and when. This means traceability if something gets leaked or ends up in a competitors hands, as well as better control over who sees what information and when.

7. Enhanced Version Control

Ever try to build from an old version of a drawing, or start a design from a previous version of a design document? It’s a problem that can cost lots of time and money to fix. Electronic documents can have their versions controlled so that only the most current document can be accessed and the other versions are saved only for archive purposes. Version control also provides you with an audit trail so you can see who made what changes and when.

8. Disaster Recovery

Burnt paper cannot be restored. A filing cabinet full of essential documents can easily be lost to a fire or other disaster and that work is lost forever. It doesn’t have to be that way if your documents are electronic.

Sure, if you don’t back up your document archive and keep only one copy on site, then the same thing can happen. Proper planning and the right disaster recovery plan can have your business recovering from a disaster in mere hours instead of days, weeks or even months.

9. Better Storage Discipline

Paper stacks easily. That makes it very easy to toss any old piece of paper on top of an ever-growing stack. It isn’t as easy to electronically archive documents. An employee isn’t going to take the time needed to scan and archive a document if it isn’t worth it.

This means a more streamlined storage system since only the most important documents will get added to the archive. Anything that isn’t necessary will never make it past the scanner.

10. Improved Customer Experience

The world of business is changing and customers are demanding more. They want to be able to have forms emailed to them, fill them out electronically and send them back the same day. They don’t want to have to wait days or even weeks to receive, fill out and send back paper.

Customers can also get access to what they want when they want it and interact with your team on their terms. All of this makes for an improved and positive customer service experience.

11. Saving Time

The last, but obviously one of the most important, reasons to go paperless is the time it will grant you. The term “snail mail” exists for a reason. E-mail is just faster. Workflow improves when you don’t have to carry around dead trees all day long.

Going paperless can improve workflow in all aspects of your business. Absolutely Paperless offers many solutions to get that pesky paper out of your office. Come take a look at what we have to offer.

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11 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Office
Are you tired of looking at desks cluttered with paper as you walk through your office? Here are a few reasons why going paperless is the best option.

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